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Role Overview

Those undertaking this role will work to meet and greet each patient/visitor to ensure they change into a hospital grade mask, sanitise and make their way to their appointment. You will also be on hand to support patients and visitors with any queries they may have – whether this is simply locating where their appointment is being held, or providing them with local taxi numbers/bus time tables.

Main Tasks
  • Meeting and greeting patients and visitors when they arrive into the main entrance
  • Asking patients/visitors change into a hospital grade facemask and santise their hands (if they say they’re exempt do not challenge them)
  • Providing directions if required (hospital maps are supplied)
  • Answering general queries e.g. details of local transport services
  • Liaising with wards when visitors arrive to drop off belongings or to collect patients
  • Periodically check mask dispensers and that they have not spread across the floor
  • Ensuring wheelchairs are sanitised between patients
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Posted on
30 March 2022
RJAH Main Entrance (desk opposite Coffee Shop)
Days of the Week
Monday - Friday
Working Hours
9:00am - 12:30pm / 12:30pm - 4pm

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